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TearScience® LipiFlow® treatment is for Dry Eye Disease caused by MGD. Your eye care professional will perform a series of diagnostic tests to evaluate gland performance and the health of your gland secretions. This will help to determine the root cause of Dry Eye Disease and determine if LipiFlow® is right for you.

Introducing LipiFlow® — Dry Eye Treatment Starting at $699

LipiFlow® is the only FDA approved treatment for Dry Eye caused by MGD.
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LipiFlow® is an affordable option to treat the symptoms of Dry Eye.


LipiFlow® is non-invasive and painless. It's FDA approved to be safe and effective.


LipiFlow® is clincally proven to be effective in 86% of dry eye patints.

See how the LipiFlow system works

LipiFlow® is a 12-minute treatment performed in your doctor’s office designed to remove blockages from the Meibomian glands, allowing them to properly function and produce the oils that make up the top protective top lipid layer of the tear film.  

If you suffer from Dry Eye symptoms, ask your eye care professional to check for MGD and find out more about treatment with LipiFlow®.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the LipiFlow procedure take?

The LipiFlow treatment takes about 20 minutes. On the same day prior to the treatment you will also have a Lipiscan and short examination which will take an additional 20 minutes.

Where is the LipiFlow done?

The LipiFlow is done in the examination room in our office.

How is the LipiFlow done?

The LipiFlow provides controlled heat to the inner eyelid surface, close to the location of the meibomian oilglands, and light massage to the outer eyelid surface to facilitate release of the constipated lipid material from meibomian oil glands.

What are the goals of LipiFlow treatment?

The primary goal of the LipiFlow treatment is for the patient to produce better quality tears and lubrication of your eyes.

When are the follow up visits?

Dr.Teather may recommend a follow up visit 2-3 months afterwards.

How many treatments are required?

Mild cases may only require one treatment per year. Severe cases may necessitate several Lipiflow treatments over the course of the first year to get the meibomian oil glands flowing. This depends on how impacted your eyelid oil glands are, how long the problem has existed, how much inflammation exists in the glands, etc. In an effort to reduce the financial burden, Dr. Teather has reduced pricing for retreatments. Please ask our staff about the retreatment program.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

A numbing eye drop (Proparacaine) is used, similar to when you have a routine eye exam and pressure check for glaucoma.

Is the LipiFlow painful?

Not typically. You may feel a pressure like sensation. If you do have discomfort, please inform the technician and the treatment will be stopped.

What are the side effects of the Lipiflow treatment?

Potential adverse effects that may occur as a result of the procedure are unusual but may include and are notlimited to:  eyelid/eye pain requiring the discontinuation of the treatment procedure, eyelid irritation or inflammation (edema, bruising. blood blister, dermatitis, hordeolum or chalazion, Ocular surface irritation or inflammation (corneal abrasion, conjunctival edema)and other ocular symptoms (burning, stinging, tearing, itching, discharge, redness, foreign body sensation)

Who is not a candidate for LipiFlow treatment?

Anyone who had ocular surgery, ocular injury, herpes simplex and or shingles of eye or eyelid, infection, inflammation or history of chronic, recurrent ocular inflammation within 3 months prior. Eyelid abnormalities that affect lid function, ocular surface abnormality that may compromise corneal integrity may also be contraindicated.

Can Dr.Teather guarantee a perfect result?

There are no guarantees in practice of medicine, and Dr. Teather cannot guarantee elimination of all your dry eye symptoms with Lipiflow treatments. That being said, Dr.Teather treats every patient as if they were family and is confident Lipiflow is advantageous in the treatment of dry eyes.